Snap Snap - Tay Money

Snap SnapTay Money

Quotable Lyrics:
Bend it over, he gon’ give me an alignment (ha)
They say, “Tay, where you at?” I’m outside, b*tch (We outside)
Got him stuck to my hand like a sidekick (ooh)
Tay Money with the fortune like I’m psychic (Money)
He ain’t give me what I need then it’s bye b*tch

Call me white chocolate covered in some diamonds
I be in the hood posted up with my white b*tch (yeah)
How she got a problem but that h*e stay silent?
Scary ass b*tch, yeah, I’m really serious (yeah)
I ain’t even trippin’, I just know he curious
Takin’ off and I’m gone, man, fast and furious (fast)
You think he goin’ home with you huh? Yeah, sure he is (Money)

Hair long, money longer (yeah, ha)
He had a girl ’til he seen me, now he don’t want her (bye)
Dolce and Gabbana (yeah, Money)
Name Tay Money but they treat me like Madonna
Bad b*tch, straight facts
I don’t gotta steal nothin’ but my waist snatch
Boss b*tch, snap, snap
I could snap my fingers, put my city on the map / New Music Release

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