Leave The Door Open - Silk Sonic Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

Smokin Out The WindowSilk Sonic

Quotable Lyrics:
[Verse 1: Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, & Both]
Must’ve spent thirty five, forty five thousand up in Tiffany’s (Oh, no)
Got her badass kids runnin’ ’round my whole crib
Like it’s Chuck E. Cheese (Woah)
Put me in a jam with her ex-man in the UFC
Can’t believe it (Can’t believe it)
I’m in disbelief

This b*tch got me payin’ her rent, payin’ for trips
Diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrist
And here I am all alone (All alone)
I’m so cold, I’m so cold
You got me out here