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SMOKE SUM (Remix)EarthGang Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m Tane (Tane)
Man call dat suh haffi drop di microphone stan as I would say
Disco, action (Ayy)
And hear me now
Dem yute yah nowadays
Dem a bun di weed and dem nuh kno wah dem a do

Suh hear when mi a tell yuh seh
When I man bun dis weed, yah
It mek I man meditate
And I man itate and cooperate and everywhere

Yuh see mi?
My DJ, I talk to dem
Sha-boom! Mek mi guh suh
All yuh kno my DJ

Roll up another one
Pour out in my name
Fire up that sh*t in my name
In my name

Roll up another one (Too much to say)
Pour out in my name
Fire up that sh*t in my name (Don’t wanna feel numb)
In my name (Hoka, woo)

Clit it run, wait, baby
Dip in the sky, forgive me if I was distant yesterday
Out of my mind, I’m out of my heart sometimes, too much to say
Iron above the clouds, then down and livin’ in someone’s grave

Ayy, wait, hunnid years cool, pass the J
Know I be damned if I answer, damned if I ain’t so
I might as well be played
You smoke to burn your fingertips, b*tch, it’s a roast to me, half-way
Just ’cause you used to stressin’ don’t mean it’s supposed to be that way