Take You Back - Kodak Black Feat. Lil Durk,I Wish - Kodak Black

SmackersKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Record label full of smackers, rap group with no rappers
I could get a ni**a scratched
Call me daddy, she a bastard, come here baby, I’m yo’ dad
Hundred K on a medallion, jeweler, he don’t ever tax
Spend this sh*t and get it back
I don’t like none of you rappers, snipe a ni**a, how ’bout that?
Hundreds fallin’ out my ass, put a ni**a on they back
Project baby with no Similac, in the Caddy, but I never lack
My lil’ ni**a, he gon’ handle that, I could get a ni**a whacked
F**k that lil’ ho, she a nat-nat
I could get a ni**a kidnapped, I could get a ni**a snatched
I can do it by myself, I go do it by mysеlf
You won’t do it by yo’ self, put a ni**a on a shelf