Slime-U-Out - Shy Glizzy feat. 21 Savage

Slime-U-OutShy Glizzy feat. 21 Savage

Quotable Lyrics:
Million if we come in, hit the spot, I got tunnel vision (Ah)
[?] hit it, bustin’ out the car, hit you with precision (Bah, bah, bah)
Pray I don’t have to send his ass to God so I open, listen (Oh, Lord)

Thirty shots I’m bustin’ at the top, ain’t no way I’m missin’ (Brr)
All my ni**as hoppin’, gettin’ money, let that glizzy out (Get money)
Move my dawg to L.A. on the run, he let that fifty out (Brr)
You ain’t gettin’ money, f**k them b*tches, what you livin’ for? (Oh)
Money makin’ jefe, but I slime you out, like Alpo (Yessir)

I wasn’t gon’ take your b*tch but I guess she think I’m cooler (Ooh)
I don’t f**k with b*tch-ass ni**as, all these ni**as ’round me shooters (Yessir)
I rob a ni**a for a hunnid, take it to the jeweler (Ooh)
Yes, this a Richard Mille, we don’t rock no Franck Mullers (Richard Mille)

I f**k with ni**as at [?] but I don’t bring ’em where I stay (No, no)
I’m too big for my hood but I still be there everyday (Big Glizz)
Sometimes I gotta go slide just to let ’em know I’on’t play (Oh)
They think that I’m a rapper, I’ll take their ass away (Hahahaha)

I be with them choppas, b*tch, send they ass them packages (Woo)
Got a b*tch who black and rich (Oh), I think she immaculate (Oh, oh)
These ni**as be talkin’ it (Yo), they be on some cappin’ sh*t (Gotdamn)
Got my Glock glued to my hip (Gotdamn),
I don’t do no lackin’, b*tch (Gotdamn, gotdamn)