Sliders - Dreezy & Hit-Boy Feat. Future

SlidersDreezy & Hit-Boy Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
My lil’ brothers is some sliders
All they wanna do is race
Super sport even got nitrogen on it
I know 12 can’t catch this

Just like a sniper, I took the long shot
Hittin’ my target, way ‘cross the globe
Causin’ a issue when I get in that mode
B*tches gon’ get it if they against the code

I’m doin’ the dash if I’m ever peepin’ the 12, homies
All my ni**as slidin’ if it’s an issue with me
‘Cause I got the bail money (I got it)
All that big talk, got the scale me

Said you runnin’ sh*t, heard you a mail runner (Ha)
Soon as I touch a hunnid M’s, y’all ni**as won’t even hear from me (American money)
I’m from the city where catchin’ a body a way to get famous (Put you on the news)
Tryna be [?] to pop, put you on a playlist (Put you on rotation)
I just gave him one look and my nigga slapped him for me like I’m Jada
I’m the only b*tch seein’ Future in this b*tch like that’s [?]

Got a plug with the Vatos, Chanel on the poncho, I still gotta remind h*es (Gotta remind h*es)
There ain’t no VV’s up in your Cuban, we see the rhinestones (It’s fake sh*t)
Name a b*tch hold so much weight, feel like Griselda Blanco (Respect)
FreeBandz gang, Big Dreez’, name a bit of block that we ain’t slide on