Slide (Remix) - Madmarcc Feat. 21 Savage

Slide (Remix)Madmarcc Feat. 21 Savage

Quotable Lyrics:
Slide (Yeah), slide (Yeah), slide (Yeah), slide (Yeah)
Catch him lackin’, we gon’ bust him (Yeah), four-five, don’t like to tussle (Bop-bop)
I f**ked his sister, if she try to fight me, shoot her brother (Yeah)

These diamonds hit like lightning, shining bright, this drip a puddle
Walked in when I was countin’ up, she gon’ bite me, grab a muzzle
First spot just made two hundred racks, can’t wait to rent another
Shoot first, no room to hesitate, that’s how they caught my brother (21)

Spin (21), spin (21)
If you miss, spin again (21)
I give you W, you hit his twin, hold on,
hold on, hold on (Phew, phew, phew)

Let me see what car them ni**as in
I be all up in the club with the F&N
You see your opps and made friends (Huh?)
Big 4L pu**y hold a lot of shells, pu**y

Whack your brother, show you how his body smell, pu**y
Every time we slide, you ni**as gon’ tell, pu**y
If you talk to hold, that’s just like talkin’ to 12, pu**y
Step (21)

Name an opp that we ain’t shot (21)
We ain’t smokin’ one, we smokin’ their whole block (21)
Time to slide, you know they rockin’ out for rocks (21)
Put a hunnid on ’em, I don’t play on ni**as top (Pu**y)