Slide - Maliibu Miitch Feat. B-Lovee

SlideMaliibu Miitch Feat. B-Lovee

Quotable Lyrics:
Slide (Huh)
I got the bros and the shooter that’s ready to ride (Huh)
Wrappin’ and flippin’ the bricks is the vibеs (Huh)
See a opp in my ho, we gon’ go eye for еye (Huh)

Tell ’em to slide, uh
‘Cause I ain’t no pu**y, b*tch, several computers
I’m with the shooters
They aim at your door, throwin’ shots with the Ruger
Well, b*tches is jealous and envious
I’m puttin’ numbers up while they be grillin’ me

Got b*tches all mad at me
‘Cause of my flow and my bars and the OG’s be feelin’ me
Nicki be feelin’ me, Foxy be feelin’ me
‘Cause I be matchin’ their energy
I fuck with the realest and really these b*tches be jelly
‘Cause they want the seat I’m in

I f**k with the realest and really I’m poppin’
And pretty and ni**as can see in me
I f**k with the baddest and only the maddies be sayin’
They ain’t really feelin’ me