Slap - Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, Conway the Machine

SlapBusta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, Conway the Machine

Quotable Lyrics:
I go on and on and on and
Don’t approach me, I back the ratchet, that’s a warnin’
Yeah, hahaha
Y’all gon’ appreciate this slap today
Taheem Allah, King Asia had it, galore
AKA Buss’ Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, and the motherf**ker

Yo, we in the motherf**ker this evenin’
Rest in peace Biz Mark’
Rest in peace to all of our fallen soldiers
Rest in peace to PnB Rock, look
Look, somebody pouch my cran
And put it back in my motherf**kin’—
Yo, yo

We on coast now, back with the force, respect the boss
Y’all stood off, sh*t leak out your head, like pasta sauce
Who’s to blame? (Uh) Burden this b*tch and bang a flame
Ayo, we back (Montgomery, b*tch), you know the name (Ayo)
You’re ridin’ on empty, you should refuel the amigo

Most you ni**as is finished, the pockets of complexico
Passed it though, cook you and serve you, like a casserole
And lay you wide on the street and display you, like a fashion show
Sorry, but I have to go, my spitter’s full of rockets
And I’m dumb with all you ni**as in quadrilateral boxes

Compatible with toxins, the TEC’s jam electrical
Reflect the image of ni**as gettin’ chopped with a thousand options
The sh*t that I can cock this, mixed like type-two diabetes
Mixed with high cholesterol, honorary blockage (Haha)
You better call the cops, kid

Or quickly turn into one of them ni**as abroad
As a hailin’ or solvable hostage
Next throw the coke around, like them ni**as in moshpits

A lot of ni**as think they got it, but ni**a just pop sh*t
We ’bout to give ni**as bangers, controllin’ the block itch
The fact that I’m holdin’ a rock while I’m throwin’ a knot, b*tch