Skuba Skooly - Sada Baby feat. Skooly,Blickelodeon - Sada Baby

Skuba SkoolySada Baby feat. Skooly

Quotable Lyrics:
I used to love a ho, but not no more, that sh*t made me better
Huh, huh, hmm, uh, huh
I f**k too good, that’s why that b*tch didn’t wanna leave me never
Huh, huh, ayy, huh, ooh

Them ni**as soft, soft as f**k, you could tell ’em I said it
Huh, mmm
Ni**as, ni**as, ni**as ain’t ready
Huh, ni**as, ni**as ain’t sh*t, ni**as ain’t ready, ooh
Huh, I do that

I’m a lover and a fighter, I do that
I shoot that
Lover and a fighter, I shoot that
In another ni**a hood right where he like to be
Draco on me, it’s gon’ fight for me, gon’ end a life for me
My suburban b*tch say she like the streets, that’s why she liking me

That’s alright with me, she know I’m plugged it in, them killеrs tight with me
Uh, yeah, love thе smoke, huh, like I like the weed
Yeah, I start to smoke, huh, watch me light the weed
Huh, I brung sexy to the trap, she ain’t going back

Huh, and I gave her bestie some of that, huh, she know how I act
That chopstick’ll make him lose weight, look like Hydroxycut
Top side, peer outside before I hit the cut
Huh, knock a ni**a out, then knock his mama up

She out of luck, if I get that pu**y, I’ma stretch it
She say I’m good for the mind, body, spirit, keep her healthy
Uh, my opps know I’m wealthy
Huh, them ni**as’ll get dealt with

Huh, he is by his self, yeah
Huh, where the f**k is your help at?
Huh, I’ll pull up with a Kel-Tec
Get ’em gone on your own, ni**as Martin Lawrence, they’ll run and tell that

Huh, your big homie fell off, you let him tell and he just fell back
Huh, knock a snitch whiskers off, ooh, I hate to smell the rats
Make a b*tch crawl for it like Jamal
I’m the shooter that’s been gettin’ money, you just got here, Melo Ball

Like, I’m the brother that’s been here crunchin’, you ain’t nothin’, Gelo Ball
Get that dog and sell out, but I won’t sell out on none of my dogs
Me and Nuk pull up in that white truck listenin’ to Marvin
Like me and Nuk got some white b*tches in here listenin’ to Marvin

Weed still with me ’cause I been the same since the start
Stewie tryna find an opp and do some damage to his heart
And Skooly ’round so I got heart
And we got matchin’ Audemars [?]

I wanted to know, my baby
Can you understand the things I been going through?
Said, I’m in the middle of a war, my baby
I said, I might catch a body, then bome over, lay up next to you