Sko - PGF Nuk

SkoPGF Nuk

Quotable Lyrics:
Unlock the car (Car) Jump out on their ass (Jump)
They runnin’ real fast, foenem thumpin’ at they ass (Sko-sko)
Tryna catch a opp and break his ass like glass (Glass)
We treat the streets like school, you just gon’ die without no pass

B*tch we in the trenches, real wild, it get vicious, uh (Vicious)
Four shooters and ’em switches, shootin’ crowds, it get wicked, uh
All the opps know what I’m talkin ’bout, so I’ont be dissin’
I told my shorty’nem to stop slidin’ but they don’t listen, uh

Shorty’nem so bad, how you steal a car and can’t drive?
Stole that b*tch for nothin’, soon as he pull off he gon’ crash, uh
*gunshot* *gunshot* Amiri jeans, I smoke my opps in swag, uh
Up the switches, hit him up, his body movin’ like a flag

We don’t play with ProMags, this a Glock stick
Pop ’em in his bean, call ’em Mister Bean popper ’cause he pop sh*t
I remember livin’ on the opps sh*t (I did)
Every chase we gettin’ away, 12 can’t stop sh*t (They never caught me)