Skin & Bones - 070 Shake

Skin & Bones070 Shake

Quotable Lyrics:
And we spoke in past tense
Reminisce ’bout back when our spirits used to dance with each other
We been smoking gas, yeah
This is so romantic, I never wanna press fast forward
You treat me like I’m more than a pair of skin and bones
And that really made a difference in my story
Life will take its toll
But whichever way we go
Know I’m right here by your side, shawty

Skin and bones under the covers
Kept our love undercover
Nonchalant, very subtle
Tryin’ not to step on the puddle

Write on your flesh
With permanent ink
Light the incense
Remember this scent

High as a b*tch
But you won’t catch me slip
I know nothing
I know I don’t