Skate - Bia

Skate – Bia

Quotable Lyrics: Skate – Bia

I’m a maniac, two braids to the back, where his CC at?
Left his ass on read for what he said, b*tch I ain’t call him back (No)
If I want it then, chirp my b*tches and we andale (Brr, brr)
B*tch I’m always active, never hidin’, never ever lackin’ (Never)
Double C my tag, watch my back ’cause ni**as in my grass (Brrr)
People gettin’ bolder, wearin’ faces and they changin’ masks
I’m not used to askin’, if I need it, I’m gon’ make it happen
Put my trust in no one ’cause their loyalty ain’t really matchin’

I told you let ’em hate
Soak it up, let it marinate
I was runnin’ late to the jet
But Kev made it wait
Pick me up in an orange Wraith with the paper plates
Took a loss then I called a play
B*tch, I made a way