Sinister - Cordae Feat. Lil Wayne

SinisterCordae Feat. Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, alright, my flow sinister
This ain’t rap music, this straight literature
Small-minded ni**a, all your ideas miniature
They tend to hate on you when they can’t get rid of ya
I ain’t going nowhere, twenty year career minimum
Call Hit-Boy for beats, ask for ten of ’em
I don’t follow trends my ni**a, I swing the pendulum
If the b*tch bag a dipsh*t, I’m gon’ give her some

A wise man told me that silence never betrayed him
Keep your mouth shut ’cause ni**as got ultimatums (Yeah)
Stupid situations the tongue often creates them (Yeah)
The motor mouth ni**a is usually causing mayhem