Simple - $NOT


Quotable Lyrics:
When I wake up, all I think about is gettin’ paid (Yeah)
And I don’t got a b*tch in my face playin’ games (Uh-uh)
I want money, and I can’t think about a different thing (Go)
I want money, I’ll show you how to get it different ways (Hahaha)

I want money, I talk about that sh*t everyday (Yeah, go)
And I scope it, posted with the bros in the crib (Phew)
You won’t cuff a h*e, even though she on my d*ck (Why?)
And bro, I got a problem ’cause these ni**as don’t listen (Yeah)

Going out bad, always mad about a woman (Yeah)
You a rookie, a pu**y, I’m a boss, I’m a vet’ (Vet’)
If I don’t got this guala, this a bullet to yo neck (Neck)

Simple, always keep a Glock on my bed (Go)
Simple, I don’t got to talk for respect (Go)
Simple, I won’t diss a ni**a if they dead (Why?)

It’s a beam, I like it when it’s green, but it’s red (Red)
All black, I pull up in this whip all dolo (Gang)
Choppa take a photo, lil’ bro, I’ma chop ’em (Haha)
What you need? I got it for the low

I got it for the rich, and I got it for the broke (Broke)
I do this all the time, but I keep it on the low (Yeah)
She a Leo, a Virgo, f**k that b*tch, she kneel (Yeah, f**k)
I don’t even know, but that h*e gotta go (Go)
Every time I talk, they gon’ write up in they notes (Notes, f**k)

Baby, I’m a player, I suppose (Yeah)
Why you mad? All up in my ‘Gram, all sad (Why?)
Ni**as don’t give a f**k about what you had (Nope)
He thought you had a b*tch, but she out gettin’ smashed (Hahaha)
I got racks, I put it in a bag (Yeah)

I throw it on a b*tch in the club in the back (Yeah)
I hit it from the front, then I hit it from the back (Yeah, that’s right)
What you know about running from the police? (Police)
Nike’s on my feet, and a piece on me (On me)

Piece on me, and I got about three (Three)
Peace on me, this ain’t nothin’ for the weak (Nah)
Piece on me, lil’ b*tch, on your knees (Hahaha)
B*tch, get on your knees