Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, my ni**a, what’s crackin’? (Ayy, ni**a, what’s crackin’?)
You ni**as was doing all that big talking, all that big flexing.
You ni**as ain’t saying nothing now, ni**a. What’s up now, ni**a?

That’s on momma [?] all the bullshit, ni**a. So what you tryna do,
ni**a? Let me know, ni**a. Oh, you niggas is b*tches. Okay,
I see what’s up. (F**k you, ni**a)

I just need some profit, tryna drop tops and be ignorant
I just need some top from thots that ain’t looking for benefit
I just need a b*tch to say it’s mine and I ain’t hit it yet
I don’t need no sugarcoating, tell me what you really meant

Young, black, rich and innocent, we ain’t even sinners yet
Stunting like I got it, think its mine no b*tch I rented it
Remember I was struggling, hustling dreamed it up and living it
Hoes I used to pray for I don’t pay them h*es attention, sh*t

Louis, Gucci, Prada, ayy
New Balenciaga, ayy
Got a brand new chopper,

I will use if it’s a problem
Y’all [?] please close your mouth,
I can’t hear nada, ayy

I put that on mommas, ayy
I put that on mommas, ayy