SICK OF IT* - Jean Dawson

SICK OF IT*Jean Dawson

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ma pull up with a hoodie in my face
Big sweater that will let you duck the case
My ni**a, don’t look at me in the face
My homies throwing gang signs

Bad in my head, I’ma hide
‘Cause I can’t beat this side
Big bust down, you’re the big blood now
I’m a freak, I’m a creep, I’m a sh*thead clown

Keep a hood on my head
Walk like I’m dead
Walk like I’m cement
All-black forces

Sick of it, on the cliff
Nosedive, I’m the new black oblivion
Off the sh*t, over it
Live and die with my motherf**kin’ happiness

What about me?
I’m a little speck of nothing, I can promise I can barеly even breathе
If you see me out in public, you can come and get some love in HD