Sicc & Tired - Fivio Foreign

Sicc & TiredFivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m so sick and tired, (So sick and tired) sick of ni**as dyin’
If I name drop, they get more lit, ’cause them ni**as ain’t big as I am
And I feel like I’m blessed with a big excitement
And then I worked through the pain, I ain’t into cryin’
They said it was hard, they ain’t even lyin’
How you winnin’, you ain’t even tryin’

They got me hurt so I got to drill
I got to chill ’cause I got a deal
Who can I call when it’s gettin’ real?
I thought I was rich when I got a mill’
I want you to overstand

I could help you out, I can’t hold your hand
We gon’ brainstorm, and make a lil’ plan
Don’t worry ’bout me, ni**a you a man
I’m on the gram talkin’ to my fans

Playin’ my song, I’m hopin’ that they dance
Somebody got shot, I’m hopin’ that’s his mans
And I’m tryna survive, I’m focused on these bands, huh
Yeah, ni**a shout out my daughter and them
(Ni**a shout out my daughter and them)
I do more for them, (Yeah)

than anybody in this world could offer them
And I’m watchin’ how they givin’ ’em lies
You don’t know how I be feelin’ inside
On the real that sh*t killed me inside
Tried to forget but it sit in my mind

Fivio Foreign