Shut Up - PGF Nuk ft. Icewear Vezzo

Shut UpPGF Nuk ft. Icewear Vezzo

Quotable Lyrics:
Shut up, b*tch, catch up, b*tch
PGF we lit uh, let me talk my sh*t
Lil’ bitch gettin’ wild, tryna do this dick
Every year I’m lit, every year I drop another hit

Uh, yeah, that is why they choosin’ me
Pop out, then you know I’m flee
Everyone noticed me, that’s just how it ‘posed to be
B*tch ain’t no approachin’ me, keep that glizzy right on me

Keep them killers right with me, tryna hide they come and seek
Soon as we on them, then we get the blick, it ain’t no suspicion
We ain’t doin’ no fakе shit, no pretendin’, hop out kill a witness

Hеart colder then a winter, who don’t know that I’m a sinner?
I get dizzy, I’ma spinner, I can’t lose I’m a winner