Sh*ttin' Me - A$AP ROCKY

Sh*ttin’ MeA$AP ROCKY

Quotable Lyrics:
Sh*ttin’ me? (Woo, sh*ttin’ me?)
Gotta be kiddin’ me
How could you sh*t on me?
You ain’t got sh*t on me (Woo, f**k outta here)
Sh*ttin’ me?

Gotta be kiddin’ me (Kiddin’ me)
How could you sh*t on me?
You ain’t got sh*t on me (Go, everybody kickin’ it)

Why they choose my pubes anytime they wanna sit? (Go, go)
Couldn’t ride the wave and now you ridin’ dick (Sh*ttin’ me)
Some b*tches got no shame, ’cause they rely on d*ck (Go, go)
Talkin’ ’bout a tip (Is you sh*ttin’ me? haha)

Ride around town on meds (Ah)
Louisville, dodgin’ shit (Ah)
Ni**as don’t dodge, don’t miss (Ah)
But shorty goin’ down on this (Woo)
Riverside, right a mess (Ah)

.380 by the leg (Ah)
Got me feelin’ like ‘Pac and sh*t (Realest out, motherf**ker)
You ni**as still poppin’ sh*t?
Stay to what’s mine, state of my mind
I stay to myself, mostly (Woah)

I stay on yo’ mind, I stay in yo’ mouth
You stay in denial, mostly (Woah)
Mosh it out, I need a new towel

Jump in the crowd, hold me (Moshpit)
I fight in the crowd, that’s two hunnid thou’
The world is mine now, Tony (Moshpit, open that moshpit up) / New Music Release

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