Show Me - Abra Cadabra

Show Me – Abra Cadabra

Quotable Lyrics: Show Me – Abra Cadabra

Look, I put my life on the line for this ting, cah my broskis life was on it
So I got him
Beat this corn make him dash like Sonic
This ain’t no cartoon ting like Wallace & Gromit, if I bang this wap make a man run so fast
Make him run so fast, when he stops running fast, he gonna turn and vomit
Semi in my hand, f*ck if you’re on it
We coulda shot 20 man last year, if I hit you in your chest, you pussy you’re dropping
Beside drills I’m doing good in music

I know they counted on badman flopping
See this greatness, different type of greatness
This is greatness you ain’t stopping
Anything I say in tunes, I’ve done on the road, it’s obvious
Look, he add a K to the O so we stepped and dipped him, f*ck them yutes, tryna trip and rinse ’em
We used to be friends now it’s drills round there I’m assisting
Rise this wap, I’m attemping to lift him, pitch him
Come a long way from shanking man with my flick ting, the roads got serious
Now its a G8 dot dot or a blick ting