Push It - NLE Choppa Feat. Young Thug

Shotta Flow 6NLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
Said I was done, I’m back at it again
Back in the car, we spinnin’ the bend (Brrt)
Slide to your man, I’ma shoot at your friend (Shoot at your friend)
Knock him down and then we do it again (Do it again)

Glock automatic, I change the pin (Change the pin)
Pull a carjackin’, we change the VIN (Change the VIN)
Don’t give a f**k which lane you in (Yup)
Knuck if you buck, knock the brain out your skin (Yup)
Tell ’em get low like we doin’ limbo (Brrt)
‘Cause I’m steppin’ for sho’ (Brrt)