Short Notice - Ransom, Lloyd Banks, V Don Prod. V Don

Short NoticeRansom, Lloyd Banks, V Don Prod. V Don

Quotable Lyrics:
Ni**as often hate when it’s suitable (Yeah)
You gotta watch for those who’ll offer to pay for funerals (Uh-huh)
They probably had your son in a basement,
torturing Jason by forcing blades in his cuticles

You knew it too (Yeah)
But know if they cross the grain, you could do it too
Coffins laid out for you and you
What’s deceitful to me could be true to you (Facts)

You only get credit soon as the movie’s through
Take that money that’s due to you (Yes, sir)
‘Cause I been gettin’ paper since P was screamin’ out, “Hootie hoo”

Now who is you?
Irrelevant, gentleman, I know it’s news to you, but
If you always holdin’ ’em down, thеn how they gon’ move up? (How?)
Yeah, I know that thе truth sucks
But I’m just giving you proof, what?

It’ll be your friend you catch in his boxers
inside your wifey’s crib eatin’ your baby’s fruit cups
I’m a straight shooter, no fake maneuvers, you know that

So how y’all spelling GOAT to the wrong ni**a to go at? (Ah)
Yeah, every song is bringin’ that soul back
So when you hear lines like LeBron, sh*t is a throwback