Shoot It Myself - EST Gee Feat. Future

Shoot It MyselfEST Gee Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Only way to do that’s with the—, yeah

Yeah, shirt off with no mask at all, I train my dog with manatal
Clearest water, this the one, made Jesus take his sandals off
Come knock on the devil’s door, make sure you turn your camera off
It’s Js in here, white all on they face, but they ain’t Santa Clause
I’m tryna do the math on how much more it take to get this car

You never thought I’d get this far, I eat both my arms, my wrist a saw
I’ve never been this up before, I’m paranoid as ever (Paranoid)
.762 clip curve and this AR for protection (Brr, brr)
Karma can’t even catch up, did my first dirt in like ’07

Even back then, I’d tell you, I’ma be like this forever (I’ma be like this)
It was hot, I made it swelter, hot like sit-downs with the devil (Hot, hot)
Like the only way to get this to my state is if we mell it
And the bomb we built with special, all to gain, my gang was separate
And they love me ’cause they know I’ll catch a case and I ain’t tellin’ (I ain’t tellin’)

Woah, woah, gas on the truck, throw mud on it
Watchin’ my chain, got blood on it (Woah)
The end of the burger got blood on it (Woah)
Came out the zoo, had a chick on the floor (Woah, woah)

I’ma put it on if her twenty got more
I can’t be seen in Christian Dior
Hold up with G-Wagons, hold ’em up more (Woah)
Finessin’ the trap, made millions off rappin’ (Woah)
You go to Offset, he gon’ say I’m the G.O.A.T
Demons, piranhas, I’m movin’ them fishy (Yeah)

I keep me a shooter wherever I go (Woah)
I take pills and I sip lean
B*tch, I don’t feel right tryna drive a boat (Woah)
Came out the trenches, I turned on my granny house
I had them Js knockin’ at the door
I’m a different type of breed with the corner

Rags, get a chain, she bowl it
I’m a different type of nigga on the corner
Stretchin’ all the work and pimpin’ a ho’
Four thousand, wearin’ pure cocaine, spend it on one of my chains
One thousand, one trillion bullets caught behind my name