Sheikh Talk - Tyga

Sheikh TalkTyga

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, left Dubai on a high note
Spent a million on myself, b*tch, I’m ghost
Ni**a try to slide on me but I never froze
In the club ’til it close like Diplo
Outside and I’m post like Phil [?]

Big rings like a ni**a won the SuperBowl
Vegas two-story suites, I’m at the top floor
I’m in town for one night, let’s link, ho
Chalta rha me idhar udhar (Yeah, let’s link, h*e)
Hot ni**a, she gon’ blow me like Niso
Twenty thousand ones, left it at the Rhino ([?])

But she like lino
H*es still ain’t loyal but what do I know?
Hey, I can count the money with my eyes closеd
Crypto millions, sittin’ on a iPhone (Chalta rha me idhar udhar)

Yeah, wholе team, that’s your loss
She left you for a baller, that’s your fault (Your fault)
Move b*tch, let the money walk (Walk)
You wanna be a boss but you all talk (All talk, chalta rha me idhar udhar)

Three girlfriends and they all hot (Hot)
Like a Flintstones, still make the bed rock (Bed rock)
Move b*tch, let the money walk (Walk)
B*tch, I’m a boss, that’s Sheikh talk (Chalta rha me idhar udhar)