She Want Chanel - NBA Youngboy

She Want ChanelNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Girl, I love when you talk like that (Pipe that sh*t up, TnT)
Yeah, you know that I love when you walk like that
She-she, she want Chanel (Dmac on the f**kin’ track)
Brand new home and it cost like that

I got it, I’m spendin’ that money, baby
Not on the sh*t that they on, so they say that I’m crazy
I’m winnin’, my life is amazin’, let’s go
Ooh, came from the bottom, I’m ridin’ in the Rolls

Brought moms and grandpa a new home
Ooh, don’t care if they don’t like me, came in on my own
I been that nigga since I came up in it, who do it like me?

I know a trick, make the b*tch touch her toes
I make the b*tch do a split for my bros
Talkin’ more than a week, had her stayin’ in my home
Carry like four hunnid cash in a duffel bag
I make her leave, every time she be running back

Tell her, she gon’ do whatever I say
Bought her on a trip, and I turn up the place
You want it, I’ll buy you a brand new Wraith
You know that I turn up, don’t f**k wit’ these ni**as
You know that I told her, “Don’t waste my time”
You know I do love gettin’ ugly with these ni**as

Don’t f**k with these ni**as, you slimy? Get slimed
She want Chanel for to go with the BAPE
I want that feel for to c*m on her face
I want that money to take care my baby

I stack it up, even for my mama, daddy
Ball, I’ma change your whole life like magic
Told you that I want you, I’ma put you in a Patek
Pretend that she ain’t want me separated from the family
I ain’t really serious, I’m just dealin’ with some heartbreak

High in the hills, where I live, up in Salt Lake
Come in to my crib, boy, you wish your friends all dead
Ain’t no tellin’ you nothin’, you a grown-ass woman
I’m a grown-ass man, but you know that / New Music Release

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