Sex In The Porsche - Diddy & PartyNextDoor

Sex In The PorscheDiddy & PartyNextDoor

Quotable Lyrics:
S ex in the Porsche
Your legs like the Tesla, the doors (Ooh)
I need her naked, wipe me down
Super wet, super nasty (Wipe me down)

I know you see that body on you
If I do, I know you do
Look at me in the mirror girl
While I put this d*ck on you

And you never flyin’ Spirit, girl
The way you took my soul
Hold on, don’t get spiritual
Oh God, they way your body on me, girl, oh God

The way your hips on me are all open
The way we trap in it and doin’ it [?]
Girl, I can feel it non stop

You scream, that pu**y, baby, I hope that
You the way you poppin’ it and ride
The way your bеst friend play her role
Thе way your best friend play her role
We had