Sense dat God gave you - Summer Walker ft Sexyy Red

Sense dat God gave youSummer Walker ft Sexyy Red

Quotable Lyrics:
Bald head, scallywag, ain’t got no hair on my cat
If I don’t get my cheese, ni**a, 6ix9ine, you can call me a rat
I call your b*tch and blow up the spot
Ca-call the feds and blow up the trap

Everybody be goin’ to jail so I think it’s best that you call me back
It’s my money and I need it now, take it anyway and anyhow
You tryna hit this pu**y, ni**a, I hope you got a few hundred thousands

Buy me bags and buy me shoes, you know exactly what to do
We speedin’ down to 85
I’m high as f**k and finna have a good time

Put that cash straight in my hand
If you got the sense that God gave you
Don’t leave me ’round your man
We finna tear down the mall

You know we got a plan
I drop the Perc in his drink
And I don’t give a damn / New Music Release

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