See Through Love - Tank Feat. Chris Brown

See Through LoveTank Feat. Chris Brown

Quotable Lyrics:
Make love on THE late night (Late night)
Wake up to your waistline (Waistline)
Lay up in the daytime (Oh-oh)

Say, “I love you” at the same time (Same time)
Been here for the long ride (Long ride)
Blindfolds on the frontline
We gon’ see another sun
I got you covered

And I know that we both can’t see each other
When we deep in the storm
It’s gon’ be harder sometimes (Times)
We’ll make it out if our hearts are right

I live for the moments with you when nobody’s around
Growing with you and letting go of myself
Come here with me, girl, it’s safe as a sound
Be transparent with me and make it easy to see through love
Gotta see through love

Tryna be a better me
Kind of man that give you emotional security
So that when you need understanding
I’ll grab your hand, then lay all your burdens down
I’m hanging on to every word you say

Hear it in your voice, girl you’re not okay, oh
Comin’ clutch like the game winner
Homeruns in the same inning
I’ma run in this race by your side, yeah