Seduce - Russ Feat. Capella Grey

SeduceRuss Feat. Capella Grey

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t look at me like that
Unless you really like that
You know my body, I don’t have time to waste, oh, no
I pull up, she look at me like she ready devour me at the door
She only fuck with bosses, so my aura turn her on
Rushing home to come over, oh, oh, oh
You know I’m not just anyone, I gotta
Fly shit only, we do what we wanna (ay)

Like, who is that (uh)
I mean this
Well, the only question is (yeah)
If I seduce you, bae
Will you come take the bait?
Is you gon’ do that thing?
That makes me wanna say (wanna say)

Got me like, ooh
Every time we do it like, ooh
Rockin’ my body like, ooh
Baby, let me get mine (ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh)