Searching For A Reason - Dax

Searching For A ReasonDax

Quotable Lyrics:
Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt
Bein’ real gets you hated, so tell me what it’s worth
I done seen these people change and try to twist up all my words
I been stuck inside a maze, they say that means that I’m on earth (LexNour)

If they wanna know my pain, then they can read it in the verse
If they prayin’ on my name, it better be inside a church
Don’t need diamonds, don’t need chains, I ain’t a slave to all these pеrks
I ain’t perfect, but it I’m workin’

God, I swear that I’m still sеarchin’ for a reason
Now I’m drownin’ like I’m diving off the deep end
Underwater, don’t nobody hear me screamin’
I’m surrounded by these money-hungry demons

I’m surrounded, so many fakes, I stopped countin’
No gravity, but I’m still grounded
They can’t see ’cause they vision is clouded
Man, I feel like I’m walkin’ up mountains
My hearts broke, but yes, it’s still poundin’

Lost my soul and then went and found it
I hope heaven ain’t full or crowded
Hell ain’t worth it, I’ll scream and shout it
Don’t make these people your idols
Forget ’bout all of the followers, Jesus had twelve disciples

If they tell you it’s fake, it’s ’cause they ain’t fought for survival
And when they facin’ the judge, they still put they hand on the Bible
Got my faith like a gun and I let it off like a rifle
I’ll keep speakin’ the truth and I do not care if it’s viral
I ain’t changin’ for nothin’, not gettin’ trapped in yo’ cycle

‘Cause I know failure ain’t fatal and that success isn’t final
I got love for my enemies, you can check all my vitals
All the negative energy is a downwarding spiral
You can cancel me, laugh at me, call me out of my title
It won’t break me or shake me, no, I will not show weakness

Is this real life or am I dreamin’? (Dreamin’)
Why are these times so misleadin’? (‘Leadin’)
I don’t see God, but believe Him (Believe Him)
And I don’t need fame, you can keep it