Seamless - Babyface Feat. Kehlani

SeamlessBabyface Feat. Kehlani

Quotable Lyrics:
Always givin’ me hell every time that you drink
Two tequila shots in, now you wanna read me
Tryna have a good time, now you wanna make a scene
You deserve an Emmy, girl, go and get your Emmy, girl

See you be tryna do the most, you be tryna rock the boat
I was tryna make it work, tryna make this house a home
Act like I’m anybody, girl, I ain’t everybody, girl
You don’t know my body, how come I’m a body?

We ‘posed to be seamless
But you love showin’ off weakness
Gettin’ all mad for no reason
Turnin’ up on me for breathin’ (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh)

‘Posed to be seamless
Arguin’ every weekend
Switchin’ up on me like seasons
Wanna fight? Never mind, keep it (Oh, oh)