Ocean Gold - NoCap ft. Internet Money,Save The Day - NoCap ft. Kodak Black

Save The DayNoCap ft. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
When you come up out that cage, see the blood all on me (Blood all on you)
My scars are amazin’, I lost homie after homie
See the blood all on me, know I came up out that cage
Lost homie after homie, know my scars are amazin’

Know I’m not perfect, I got a hearth you can get used to
You hurt me, I still stay
But I wonder, what would you do?
If you can save the day, you would walk away

Wonder why I don’t f**k with you
Ni**a, you can’t f**k with me
Got to get up off these pills, Fetnayl kill Lil E
The Gatorade to the game, the semen to the streets
Wings to the damn house, water to the empty south
The broom to the damn house
The vroom to the Trackhawk

Young ni**a, big boss
Never had a big dawg
Crib like a grocery store,
know we came from public housin’
Mama put your head down
Pray for me right now

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