Save Me - Southside, Lil Durk

Save MeSouthside, Lil Durk

Quotable Lyrics:
I been grippin’ pistols, I been cuttin’ ni**as drank
I been puttin’ stickers, on the bottom of the drac
I put the city on my back, I can’t really get a “Thanks”

I claimed ni**as was my dawgs, they turned out to be the jakes
Came in a thousand times before my daughter, I was shootin’ blanks

Could you really really save me? (Save me)
Could you really really save me? (Save)
Could you really really save me?

Trench baby, I was on my last with my fifth baby
Rent, cable, couldn’t pay with cards, it was disabled
Gotta build a relationship with your kids whenеver a b*tch hate you
Talk about you like you ain’t sh*t, likе we ain’t save you

Every time I’m tryna go pay your bond whenever they reinstate you
I won’t believe no rumors, that ni**a snitch ’cause I ain’t even see no paper
Street ni**as’ll never get tapped on the back whenever they see us make it
My dawg be talkin’ ’bout one of my dawgs, I’m like that sh*t is crazy

You ain’t got to be top-notch everywhere, you could be trenches famous
These ni**as be talkin’ ’bout who they killed that sh*t be entertainment
Sit back, laugh, and talkin’ ’bout how we came from the basement
And I don’t be carin’ ’bout the next ni**a, sh*t, the trenches made me

Southside, Lil Durk / New Music Release

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