Vampire - 2 Chainz

Save Me – 2 Chainz ft. NBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics: Save Me – 2 Chainz ft. NBA Youngboy

Yeah, when people ask me for some money, I tell ’em get in line (Line)
Another funeral, I done paid for all my ni**as dying
I got that PTSD syndrome so all I hear is sirens
I text my ni**a but I guess he ain’t, hе ain’t replyin’
Smile in your face, and whеn you turn your back, they stab your spine
I wear shades and carry sticks like I’m legally blind
A tall ni**a in the coupe, so I’m easy to find

She want Versace so I flew her straight out to Milan
It ain’t no cappin’ in my rap, you know you p*ssy need a peppin’
From the Southside, off Old Nat, I’m in my bag, I gotta say
Grown ni**as get upset if I don’t give ’em no money
But you ain’t do nothin’ to them ni**as when they slid on your homies / New Music Release

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