Run - Killer Mike Feat. Young Thug

RunKiller Mike Feat. Young Thug

Quotable Lyrics:
All I know is keep goin’, run, nigga, run (Run)
Momma told me “Never fold, run, ni**a, run” (Run)
Like Jenny told Forrest Gump “Run, ni**a, run” (Run)
The race for freedom ain’t won, run, ni**a, run

Had to make it out the red clay, run, ni**a, run
The west side of Atlanta, yeah, that where I’m from (Flatland)
Outside, I was hands on like a glove (Batman)

Movin’ like my ni**a N.O.R.E., eatin’ on the run (Run)
Still an underground king and that’s word to Bun (Bun)
Locked in like Rice Street without a bond (Bond)

I was playin’ with the powder way before LеBron (LeBron)
My wife was a born red hеad, but now she a blonde
Politicians lie and your favorite rapper is a con (Con)

Don’t check for me without a check for me, that’s a hund’ (Louis)
All the Ls I wear is followed by Vuitton (Louis)
Get money and the power, teach them while they’re young
Hmm, blessed to make it out the slumps, run, ni**a, run (Run)