Rowdy vs. Rebel - Rowdy Rebel

Rowdy vs. RebelRowdy Rebel

Quotable Lyrics:
If we see a opp, then ni**a, we dumpin’ (Ayy)
Four get to knockin’ on ’em, we gon’ jump ’em (Ayy)
And my bro got the beatin’ on ’em, get to punchin’ (Ayy)
Makin’ a movie scene all in public (Ayy)
Ni**as be tryna tell me, “Rowdy, chill” (Rowdy, chill, ayy)
But Rebel really never nothin’ (Never nothin’)
Rebel the one that be bussin’ (Huh?)

Rowdy the one with the jewelry bussin’ (Come on)
Rebel thе one the be slidin’ (Skrrt)
Rowdy thе one that be chillin’ and hidin’
Rebel the one that’s stupid (Stupid)
But Rowdy the one that just care ’bout this music (Come on)
Rowdy the one that gettin’ these papers
F**kin’ these b*tches, don’t care ’bout these haters (Don’t care ’bout these haters)