Splash - John Legend Feat. Jhene Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign,Love - John Legend Feat. Jazmine Sullivan, Rounds - John Legend Feat. Rick Ross,All She Wanna Do - John Legend Feat. Saweetie

RoundsJohn Legend Feat. Rick Ross

Quotable Lyrics:
Cotton candy fingertips
Print my lips (Print my lips)
I’ma slip inside those hips (Hips)
Ease your grip (Ease your grip)
Yeah, yeah

Been waitin’ while you’ve been hidin’
I’m fiendin’ like I’d never had it
But now I got you wrapped around me
Go at it like a savage

Baby, I owe you rounds
You know I’m gon’ put it down, oh, oh
Sugar sweat on your skin
Taste your spice on my tongue

Pickin’ rose pedals in Anisa, France (Uh)
Pink peacocks roamin’ at the mansion
Makin’ love with the cherry on top
Fireplace, ice cubes and the Scotch (Uh)

Great sex, can I take you to your apex? (Yes)
Mornin’ slow strokes, got you runnin’ late (Yes, haha)
What if we never met? You’d be still in debt
Because we know the world lives, now the scene is set

Always chauffeurs, new trench coats
How I got her wet on a big boat?
I get it ten bags at a time (At a time)
I’m the richest and I did it off of rhyme (Woo)
No longer affiliated with these rap squads

One of one amongst rap gods
White gloves with a head full of dark thoughts (Huh)
Soft sex, first time with a mob boss
Pull up in a Rolls Royce, new chariot

Heavenly angles, John Legend’s an angel
This the moment, since we all needed the clarity
They wanna change you, all they want is the same you (Maybach Music)