Rolling - Money Man

RollingMoney Man

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m gettin’ money, order from Walmart & Kroger & pull it
I’m in the room with an ebony, she finna bust it
All of my pieces be custard, look at me wrong and I’m clutchin’

I’m fly like a buzzard, I got an AK on me and it’s Soviet
My chick is bad and she dressed inappropriate
Go get the money, they told me I’m focused

I got some closets, I need me another one
I got them millions, you know I be touchin’ some
Always investin’ you know I’ma double up

Ni**as is stagnant, they never be comin’ up
I want the Fendi, the Louie, and Dolce
They like to trip him, cause he on them doses

My vibe on the bed and she sexually posin’
Think about revenue, constantly rosin’