Rocky Road - Moneybagg Yo feat. Kodak Black

Rocky RoadMoneybagg Yo feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m lookin’ at my watch and think it’s time for me to go
I been posted on this block too long, somebody gon’ call the patrols
Swallowin’ all this dope, think I’m on four
Tryna get to my h*e but the Perkies got me froze

Been doin’ my baby momma wrong and leaving her at home
I cannot leave you on your own, we made this child together
Nina in my pocket goin’ down this rocky road
Runnin’ out of options, you the only one that rode

I’m the one that didn’t’ fold, all them other ni**as h*es
Out there standin’ by the pole, sellin’ dope to buy some clothes
‘Cause I knеw that attract the h*es until one lеft my heart so cold
I just didn’t know no better, made me hard on the next one (Forever)

Ari want another baby but I’m too busy chasin’ paper
Well, maybe, not right now, perfect timin’ might come later
If that’s yo’ ni**a, push ’bout him, shouldn’t be no favor for a favor
Stand on business, leave no witness, told them members that verbatim (Word for word)