Light It Up - Migos Feat. Pop Smoke,What You See - Migos Feat. Justin Bieber,Having Our Way - Migos Feat. Drake,Avalanche - Migos


Quotable Lyrics:
Maison Margiela, I’m dripping, I’m stepping
They know that I’m repping my gang (Gang)
Wockhardt, the Perky, the Addy
I’m mixing the dope, I got dope in my chain (Dope)
Supercharged all of my cars, and I’m going to Mars (Skrrt)
And this money ain’t changed (Mars)
Took off my top, I’m exposing the brain
I got young n***as ready to stain (Grrah)
Told a bad b*tch, “Don’t speak” (Woo)