RIP Steve Smith - Conway The Machine & Funk Flex

RIP Steve SmithConway The Machine & Funk Flex

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ve been running sh*t so long, ni**as hoping I finish soon
Preying on my downfall, hoping to see a nigga lose
F**k the ops, opposition minuscule

Run up in that spot, police finding shell cases in that living room
Thought it was over but I came back with bigger jewels
Sold out arenas like a ni**a play for Liverpool
Ten bad b*tches in my swimming pool

Funny ’cause ni**as said I remind em of B.I.G. now me and Diddy cool
I’m rich now but I’m still a goon
Free them ni**as sh*tting big balloons soon as they leave the visit room
I pack stadiums, you ni**as couldn’t fill a room
I was just shooting for the stars but I hit the moon
Now ni**as thinking that I signed for millions

I mean I did, but still mind your business
Ni**as counting my paper, that I find offensive
I get to letting off this draco, ni**as climbing fences
The CEO of thе grimey business

Designеr drippage, mine’s is vintage
Mine’s expensive, diamond pendants shine and glisten