Rine Dis H*e – BooMan ( Blynn )

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Brittany Lynn, better known as B. Lynn, is an actress, comedian, model and writer from Birmingham, Alabama.  B. Lynn began publishing videos in 2018 enabling her to gain popularity in the media industry.

B. Lynn grew and showed her versatility when she created and wrote her own skits and vlogs with her mother, “MaDukes”.  She has created several reenactments of her favorite movies and sitcoms.  B. Lynn also starred in “Hood Movies” and multiple web series.  B. Lynn is best known for her role in the skit, “How Hood Dudes Act”, which stars Booman as the main character.  Under the mentorship of Trey Moe, B. Lynn wrote, directed, and released her first music video entitled “Rine Dis Hoe”.

BooMan is a hood dude character that I play(comedy) he portrays how hood dudes act ! This is his first rap song & video he’s portraying how hood are when they do rap videos. You can download the song on iTunes & Amazon

Rine Dis H*e - BooMan ( Blynn ) - https://wavwax.com/rine-dis-he-booman-blynn/

B. Lynn is grateful to God for the platform to bring joy to those in need of light in a world of darkness. Join B. Lynn on her mission to fulfill her purpose and passion to unify others through the strength of shared laughter.

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