Right - Rich The Kid

Right – Rich The Kid

Quotable Lyrics: Right – Rich The Kid

Yessir (Spinz)
Back and then back again
Yessir! (Huh)

I done scraped the Bentley twice (Skrrt-skrrt, skrrt-skrrt)
Told that b*tch, ”Talk to me nice” (Talk to me nice, lil’ bitch)
I done have to pay the price (I done pay the price)
You tryna get rich, right? (Rich)
Fill my cup with the dirty sprite (The dirty)
And she’s suckin’ my d*ck like a mite (A mite)

In my Louis, I’m ballin’ like Mike (I’m ballin’)
Don’t f*ck with no rat, don’t f*ck with no mice (No mice)
Why the molly look like rice? (Molly)
I want the whole thing, yeah, the whole thing (Whole thing)
Fuckin’ slicе (F*ckin’ slice)
I won’t do you wrong, f*ck me right (F*ck me right)