Right On - Lil Baby

Right OnLil Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
Slide my Rolls-Royce through the hood, that shit look good like right on
Get your own salon, your hair done when you want from now on
Tell the police I don’t do nothin’, I been sellin’ these songs
Ain’t puttin’ no cap inside my rap, ain’t too much leadin’ you on

My lil’ youngin ready to slide, he listen to Shiesty all day
Everybody in a supercharger, I know we getting away
She want me to c*m inside of who, I nutted in her face
I don’t like to go too many places, I run sh*t in the A
Get a hotel for a year straight, ain’t no pillow where I stay
I know b*tches who set ni*as up, yeah
I know ni**as who whack b*tches too, yeah
I been in a hundred million movies