Rich Sh*t - Lil Gotit Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil Keed

Rich Sh*tLil Gotit Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil Keed

Quotable Lyrics:
Rich ni**a sh*t, we out the ‘Roc, not the liquor
Rich ni**a sh*t, I swap her out and then I pick her
Rich ni**a sh*t, I’m in the ‘Rari out the Lamb’
Rich ni**a sh*t, I put a Rollie on my mans
Rich ni**a sh*t, I put my brother in position
Rich ni**a sh*t, I bailed my brother out of prison
Rich ni**a sh*t, b*tch, I make all the decisions, yeah, yeah

Come on, P (Player)
Two-tone Skydweller, don’t play with me (Two-tone)
Dracos, ARs, M16s
Went around in the coupe, Glock all on the seat (Twins)
Came up off noodles and Hamburger Helper (Yeah)
Took her on the move, she in love with a stepper
Baby girl hot, shе done Peter pipеd a pepper
Tighten up pimp, hat tip with a feather
Money comin’ in, get my ins from your sister (Come here)
Gucci cardigan got me sharper than a butcher (Yeah)
Don’t mama shoot it? He ain’t deaf, he a looker (Looker)
Gettin’ out of line, get you popped up in the kisser (Sticks)