Rich One Day - Sheck Wes

Rich One Day – Sheck Wes


Quotable Lyrics:

I still eat Chick-fil-A every Sunday (Yeah)
They open up for me and the gang when we want it (Yeah)
If that pu**y fire, make a round-trip a one way (One way)
We’ve been movin’ peaceful, might have to kill you ni**as one day (Kill ya)
In a Lamb’ truck, this is not a Buick Enclavе
They want me to brag, I want to be king of thе country (Yeah)
They want me to talk, apologies, I cannot say (No)
One minute they love you, next minute they [?]
I used to rip that b*tch, and I used to rip the runway (Runway)
Come right out hiatus on my bullsh*t and that gunplay…