Rich Hustle - Fabolous Feat. Jim Jones

Rich HustleFabolous Feat. Jim Jones

Quotable Lyrics:
some chico trying to be paid in
full on some rico toast to a rich
hustle click o rich i just gotta

keep it street on some g-code sh*t do
whatever for them wins on some chico
sh*t tryna be paid in full on some rico sh*t
toast to a rich hustle ni**a click
o rich

if they ask me hop and i say i
can’t complain same reason i be icy
cause i can’t complain
i know that life’s a b*tch but i ran some game

and pop bottles cause i became
a champ from pain not a watch look good
and i rock handsome chains plus i always
keep it a buck and some change i’ve been
coming through harlem since the branson

stream acts about my peli ava x
advancing game ask copper with my
capping stop me when i’m rapping this
sh*t really happened so i guess i’m
really rapping you turned into a hater for a
b*tch number i hustled all winter for a rich summer