Rich Flex - Drake, 21 Savage, 3AM on Glenwood - 21 Savage, Drake

Rich FlexDrake, 21 Savage

Quotable Lyrics:
21, can you do somethin’ for me? (21)
Can you hit a lil’ rich flex for me? (21)
And 21, can you do somethin’ for me? (21, 21)

Drop some bars to my pussy ex for me
Then 21 (21), can you do somethin’ for me? (Yeah)
Can you talk to the opps necks for me? (Okay)
21, do your thing 21, do your thing (21)
Do your thing, 21, yeah okay

Yellow diamonds in the watch, this sh*t cost a lot
Never send a b*tch your dot, that’s how you get shot
I DM in Vanish Mode, I do that sh*t a lot
Took her panties off and this b*tch thicker than the plot

All my exes ain’t nothin’, them h*es busted
If my opps ain’t rappin’, they ass duckin’
You ain’t ready to pull the trigger, don’t clutch it
I know you on your period baby, can you suck it?

I’m a savage (21)
Smack her booty in Magic (21, 21)
I’ll slap a pu**y ni**a with a ratchet (Pu**y)
I might slap a tracker on his whip and get the addy (Pu**y)
Don’t call me on Christmas Eve, b*tch, call your daddy (21)

B*tch, call your uncle (21), b*tch, don’t call me (21)
Always in my ear, your h*e a flea (F**k)
Why my opps be posting guns and only use they feet? (21)
Paid like an athlete, I got—