Respect Mines - AZ

Respect MinesAZ

Quotable Lyrics:
Legacy rap, this the era we back, its facts
Flooded flower set, rollie seventy racks
Drop-top ‘vette vath ebony black, the sos’
Certified with celebrity stacks

My pedigree acts, still affili’, allegedly that
Still willy, sh*t could never be wack, i’m worldwide with it
In the wings outside with it
Still a king, even off my dean is how I did it
Street thots at school, I keep rockin it

That dude thats beatboxin is no fool I need options
From G-shockin, back in the P’s poppin
Boppin’ in V’s, hop in the ride, E knockin’
Hear the party, offset the carti

Only flooded the bezel, hopping out the rari’
Life foot on the pedal, smellin like bogarli
Im god to these devils, be damned if I let em starve me